Djuro Josić, ID number f6340eaf-e1a0-46d8-937d-b868dd7b4d31


Dr. Djuro Josić just got retired as full professor at the University of Rijeka, Department of Biotechnology, where he was also Head of Division of Medicinal Chemistry and leader of the Laboratory for Analytical Biochemistry and Proteomics. Dr. Josic is now Full Professor Medicine (Research) at the Warren Alpert Medical School, Brown University in Providence, RI, USA . He is author of over 200 publications in peer reviewed journals such as J. Biol. Chem., Anal. Chem., Mol. Cell. Proteomics, BBA, General Subjects, Trends Anal. Chem., as well as several book chapters. He is the Editor of several books like Liver Proteomics, Methods and Protocols (Springer 2012) and Major Reference Work Foodomics for Food Safety (Elsevier 2020).  In last three years, Professor Josic gave more than ten invited lectures at the international scientific institutes and symposia, and together with his co-workers presented different lectures at international summer schools. Professor Josić also has more than 20 granted European and USA patents. He reviewed numerous manuscripts for high-ranking journals such as Nature (Methods), Anal. Chem., Biochemistry, Angew. Chemie, Int. Ed. at others, and he is also Editor and/or Member of Editorial Board of Curr. Opinion Food Sci., Electrophoresisis and Int. J. Proteomics.  His work was cited over 3500 times and has over 42,000 views (according to Elsevier’s data).  Professor Josic was the Supervisor for 10 postgraduate 19 graduate students, and he also supervised numerous master/bachelor degree students at Free (now Humboldt) University Berlin, Germany, Brown University, Universities of Vienna Ljubljana and the Universities in Zagreb and Rijeka.  He is member of several Biochemical, Chemical and Proteomic Societies, and also Secretary and one of the founders of the Croatian Proteomic Society. He was the organizer, chairman and member of the Scientific Committees of several international meetings. In the years 2016/2018, he was/is the Chairman of the International Summer School and Meeting Monoliths 2016 and 2018 (MSS 2016/2018) in Portorož, Slovenia. Professor Josic completed his training at the University of Zagreb and Technical University in Berlin, West, he got his Master Degree 1977 at the University of Zagreb, and his PhD in1981 at the Technical University in Berlin (West). He was Postdoctoral Fellow 1983/1985 at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA. He finalized 12 grants in the USA, Austria, Germany and Croatia, including three Excellence Grants (COBRE CCRD) at the Rhode Island Hospital, Brown University for over 20 million dollars in 12 years (as Head of the Proteomics Core), and he is currently the Coordinator for the EU grant  "HTP-GlycoMet”, European Union (Euro 2.2 Mio, running over 4 years), that started October 1, 2013. Professor Josic performed pioneering work in development of protein separation, especially on separation of membrane proteins and other glycoproteins by use of different compatible chromatographic supports. Two early publications about the use of monolithic supports for separation of serum and membrane proteins as well as fast enzymatic conversion of low- and macromolecular substrates were cited for about 200 times. Recent work was focused on proteomic and glycomic investigations, and high-throughput isolation of high- and low abundant proteins from complex biological mixtures, and development of label-free quantitative proteomics.


Dr. Josić’s publications in last 5 years are:


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