Dr Olga Vasieva (transliteration used in earlier papers: Vassieva, born Potapova) https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Olga_Vasieva2

Dr Olga Vasieva  is a director of the analytical company Ingenet. Ltd and an honorary lecturer at the University of Liverpool. Biophysicist by education, she had an experience in a number of experimental and computational areas of biology during her appointments at 5 distinguished academic centers in Russia, USA and UK (Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, Moscow University, Georgetown University, Dundee University, Liverpool University) and 3 biotechnology/biomedicine companies (Integrated genomics Inc, USA, CXR Biosciences, UK,  and Ingenet Ltd, UK). She has authored more than 60 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals including high-impact journals such as PLOS ONE, Scientific reports, BMC genomics, Nuclear Acid research, and 2 book chapters. The work that she authored and co-authored has been cited more than 10,000 times (h-index 21, i10-29 (Google Scholar)). As a scientific supervisor she has trained 5 PhD and 9 MS students.

Dr Vasieva is an acknowledged reviewer for a number of high impact international scientific journals including Nuclear acid research, Bioinformatics (Oxford University Press), Systems biology in Reproductive medicine, Autophagy, Methods, Data mining and a number of Elsevier Press specialised journals. During the last 5 years she was invited as an expert to evaluate project proposals for the main UK funding bodies, BBSRC and MRC (Systems medicine) and also for EU international funding scheme ERACoSysMed (systems medicine) in 2017 and 2019 as an invited chair. She was a member of the data management group for the ERASYSBIO funding scheme, where she also took part as one of the successful Co-PIs (BBSRC-N 77093, GRAPPLE project). Dr Vasieva was also a Co-I in two NERC-funded collaborative projects (N 108470, N 141016) and, earlier in her career (2007), had received the TMRC systems medicine award.

Dr Vasieva is one of the pionere members of the international Fellowship of Interpretation of Genomes (FIG) and took part in the development of the SEED/RAST database. Moving in the systems medicine field, she has introduced and supported systems biology/medicine approaches in the Biomedical Research Centre at the University of Dundee and in the Institute of Integrative Biology (University of Liverpool) and established systems biology/bioinformatics consultancy and analytics company Ingenet Ltd (www.Ingenets.com). The latter is known for its novel approaches to data mining and analysis, and is collaborating with a number of scientific groups in UK and internationally (Okinawa University). The main research interests of Dr Vasieva include complex biological systems analysis, evolutionary and functional properties of metabolic pathways involved in cognition, cancer and reproduction, systems medicine and symbiotic metabolism in bacterial communities.

Dr Vasieva’s publications over the last 5 years:

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